Planet Earth is facing Environmental degradation due to increased industrialization and urbanization, And There is nothing more important than protecting the Environment and keeping it clean. Our beloved Prophet Said “Cleanliness is half of the Faith”

Waste Cleaners is the complete environment and waste management solution provider in Pakistan, providing range of services to municipal, residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

As the world economy has grown, so have the environmental and waste management challenges, we believe that managing waste properly is essential for building sustainable and livable cities. Therefore we are focused on improved municipal collection, transportation of domestic and commercial waste with efficient material recovery and recycling.

We are also doing well at cleaning services to our clients, providing them customized packages, meeting their requirements. We are dedicated to weigh off your shoulders so that you may focus on the important things.

As a society, our waste stream is changing and getting more complex, we’ve concentrated on raising awareness of the urgent need to do recycling & turning to a zero waste community and we’ve started to see the progress in this front.

Our focus on circular economy, that has positive solution based perspective for achieving economic development while respecting the environmental limits. Acquiring fundamental changes throughout the value chain, from product design to production processes and consumption patterns, recycling helps turning waste in to a resource and extending product lifetimes will help preserve natural resources. It is reliable way for industries to increase their profitability with reduced dependence on importation of raw material, reducing environmental degradation by resource extraction. This is how we will be creating green industries. When we reduce and recycle waste, we reduce generation of greenhouse gases our zero waste organization consultancy services help businesses to achieve their targets to be in green business list.

Our commitment to disseminate recycling and tackling the waste issue with a pragmatic approach to overcome it. We hope you’ll join us!


Muhammad Usman